zaterdag 26 december 2015

Bombing Saturdays

Hey babes, 

I hope your Christmas was better than mine! I've been quite sick for a couple of days now so I went to the doctor yesterday. What he told me: take your meds, get in your bed and stay there. Which means I had a lot of time to get outfit-inspired today. I use Instagram a lot to get inspired for my clothing. For today's outfit I chose something simple & added sunglasses because have you seen this weather???!!!!
Blouse: Donaldson
Bomberjacket: Bershka
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Adidas 

I overthink my outftis quite often, especially for my bomberjacket. I was looking for one for quite a while now and I found this one at Bershka. When I think about the things I would combine it with: black (ripped) jeans, blue jeans, white shirt, black top,... But when I wear black, I start thinking that my leather jacket looks better with that outfit, when I wear white in winter I think I should combine it with grey or black,... As I said, I'm an overthinker but I believe I'm not the only one who has this problem??

To be honest, I am utterly in love with Sunglassspot! All their sunglasses are 5 dollars! The shippingcosts are quite high though and it takes like 14 days for the sunnies to get here but when you get them, you are the happiest you can be! You can order up to 6 items and pay almost 20 dollar shipping costs, if you order more than 6 sunnies, you will have to pay a bit more. I don't say this to brag, but most sunglasses fit me quite well. So I don't need to try them on first. I highly recommend you to visit the Sunglassspot website, you'll be amazed about how many different sunglasses they offer! PS: if you really want to order and you don't get up to 6 sunglasses, let me know cause I can always use some more sunnies!

So that's it for my "Bombing Saturdays"-post. As you can see down below I had to take a picture with my cat as well, couldn't leave the opportunity to pose with her haha

Charis x 

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